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Brining the Bowen Therapy Technique to Europe and the UK

Due to numerous international inquiries about Integrated Bowen Therapy’s (IBT) courses, The UK and Europe have become a key focus for us over the last few years.

Since then, we have been facilitating practitioner level Bowen Therapy qualifications online to help to service the growing demand of International students seeking quality education in Bowen Therapy. Through the International Institute of Complementary Therapies (IICT), we are able to offer certificate and diploma qualifications to students of Bowen Therapy in 21 countries across the UK, Europe, Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

With the help of the International Institute of Complementary Therapies, (IICT) our students are eligible for comprehensive cover as early as student level, so you’ll be able to start practicing your new technique on potential clients with peace of mind. Qualified students can get practitioner level membership and insurance with the IICT which enables you to practice Bowen Therapy in most countries of Europe and abroad.

If you live in any of the countries below then your qualification in IBT Bowen Therapy is as close as just a click or a phone call away.

  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Channel Island
  • Denmark
  • Estonia
  • France
  • Germany
  • Gibraltar
  • Greece
  • Iceland
  • Ireland
  • Isle of Man
  • Latvia
  • Liechtenstein
  • Luxembourg
  • Malta
  • Netherlands
  • Norway
  • Portugal
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • United Kingdom

IBT Bowen Therapy Courses

No matter what course you choose, whether it be online only or in a group workshop, you will get instant access to the online training portal so you can start learning Bowen Therapy as soon as you like. With a few simple clicks, you can start learning and adding the Bowen Therapy techniques to your life or practice.

Integrated Bowen Therapy Certificate Course (No qualification)

Our Certificate course is structured to give students a detailed and in-depth understanding of core theoretical topics and technical moves necessary to practice Bowen Therapy. Students will commence their ITB education with access to information on theoretical topics such as Basic Anatomy, The History of Bowen Therapy, Anatomy Trains, Trigger Point Therapy and much, much more. These topics form a substantial foundation as a practitioner of Bowen Therapy and gives students a comprehensive understanding of how Bowen Therapy has evolved to become what it is today.

On enrolment, students will be immediately provided with detailed information via IBT’s online portal; including videos, manuals and personal guidance to assist you to develop the necessary Bowen Therapy techniques to treat a wide array of conditions.

Learn techniques to address pain and tension from head to toe.

Learn techniques to address pain and tension from head to toe.

Students will learn moves to treat roughly 70-80% of conditions that patients typically present with, from back pain, neck pain, knee issues, headaches, respiratory issues and many more. Students will be exposed to a great range of possible ailments.

Integrated Bowen Therapy Diploma Course (Bowen Therapy Qualification)

The Integrated Bowen Therapy Diploma level course is a more comprehensive course, designed to enhance the overall comprehension and understanding of students to an advanced professional level. The education experience will be initially based on IBT’s Certificate course with the same theoretical and technical resources.

After completing IBT’s Certificate level course, students will be exposed to more advanced procedures of Bowen Therapy such as the pelvic procedure, coccyx, hamstrings, shoulders,  also the TMJ procedure and many more.

See the benefits of Bowen quickly. This is a students family member before and after a Bowen Treatment.

See the benefits of Bowen quickly. This is a students family member before and after a Bowen Treatment.

This Diploma course will focus on assisting students to a attain a level of confidence where they are able to effectively treat more chronic or complicated health conditions that your patients can present with.

In order to assist with the comprehension of this more advanced IBT information, Students will receive double the usual allotment of time with their teacher. This ensures all students achieve a greater level of competence by having more opportunity to ask questions and confidently go over the application of the more advanced Bowen procedures.

Please click here for a more in-depth view and pricing structure of our Integrated Bowen Therapy Diploma Course.

Training Options

Start learning straight away with our easy to follow online videos through the student portal.

Start learning straight away with our easy to follow online videos through the student portal.

Online Training Portal

No matter which course you choose, you will get immediate access to the student online portal upon enrolment. So, even if you are enrolling in a workshop that is scheduled for 3-6 months in advance, you will have immediate access to the course videos, manuals and workbooks so you can start learning IBT’s Bowen techniques straight away!  The sooner you can start learning Bowen Therapy via our online learning portal, the easier and more effective your outcomes will be when your in-person training commences.

Want to start your Bowen training Straight away? click here

Online Learning without Qualification

This is our most affordable and flexible learning experience for students and has been extremely popular with our students especially from The UK, Australia and Canada. The entire course is provided online and students are able to complete the course completely at their own pace.

Students will receive a substantial amount of high quality written materials, artwork and video footage to assist in the learning of the key information required to complete this course. In addition, students will have lifetime access to our student portal to assist in managing their objectives and also to access in future for reference material and refresher courses. Students will perform brief online quizzes to ensure that the information has been understood and remains top of mind.

N.B Students will not graduate with a qualification in this mode of study and therefore will not be able to practice Bowen Therapy in a professional context.

Modern artwork and course manuals.

Modern artwork and course manuals.

Online Learning with Qualification

For students who aim to be practice IBT Bowen Therapy in a professional context, this is definitely the most appropriate course. The course bases itself on the same structure as our other online option and students will be able to manage their own pace and learning process.

Students receive all of our high-quality education materials (written, graphic and video) to assist in their learning process. Students of this mode will also have lifetime access to our student portal, to manage their goals and to use for the purpose of future reference purpose.

Where this IBT course differs, is the assessment format. At the completion of the learning process, students will organise 3 in person skype sessions (depending on the course chosen) with our Bowen Therapy Teacher, Bronson Berschinger. The benefits of this component of the course are clear; students will have the opportunity to ask any unanswered questions they may have, Bronson will also be able to assist students in perfecting their technique and Bronson will assess students abilities and competencies in order to obtain their Bowen Therapy qualification.

Students will graduate from this mode with a qualification to practice IBT Bowen Therapy and will, therefore, be able to obtain the necessary insurances required.

Words From Some Graduates


I’ve never felt more empowered!!

Since Bronson helped me through in achieving my qualifications in IBT, my bodywork techniques have become more specialised and much more effective covering a wider array of specific health conditions for my ever growing number of clients.

New people are being referred to me constantly because with my new IBT knowledge, I’m getting great results! I’ve never felt more empowered as a bodywork practitioner and find that I’m helping clients where Chiro’s, Physio's, Myo’s and your standard Remedial Therapists couldn’t…

Thanks Bronson, you and IBT have completely changed my practice!

Steve McNamara
Remedial Therapist and recently qualified IBT Practitioner.


I became attracted to Bowen Therapy because of the relaxation that I felt within my muscles, relieving tension within my entire body, particularly in my lower back, where I previously had an injury.

Learning Bowen Therapy through Integrated Bowen Therapy was an amazing experience. The ‘one on one’ training, with the online material, really worked well for me as I could learn at my own pace. Then the teachers pure focus made helped me advance through the training really quickly.

I now incorporate yoga and Bowen together through out my yoga class as well as offering it as a separate service. I find that when I apply Bowen Therapy during a restorative posees and at the end of the class whilst talking through Savasana, it helps deepen the relaxation and further the healing.

Applying Bowen Therapy is also very therapeutic on the practitioner in a similar way to teaching Yoga Asanas.  Helping people in this stressful environment we live in today is a really nice feeling. If you are a Yoga Asana teacher I would highly recommend learning Bowen Therapy and incorporating it into your classes.  Your students will love it.

Darlene Fletcher