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Integrated Bowen Therapy Practitioner Course (Diploma Level)

The Integrated Bowen Therapy Practitioner Course is a diploma-level course that provides a more comprehensive and in-depth understanding of Bowen Therapy techniques which are utilised to address more severe and chronic issues that are not able to be treated as efficiently as the general ‘day to day’ aches and pains.

This course begins with the basic information addressed in the IBT Body Balance Course and then builds on this information to expand the student’s knowledge and skillset to a more professional practitioner level.

In addition to the conditions dealt with in the IBT certificate level course, the diploma level course will develop and enhance your skill set to effectively treat and provide health prevention of the following issues;

  • Asthma and other respiratory disorders
  • TMJ Disorder
  • Coccyx Issues
  • Complex lower back pain and related issues
  • Emotional tension and stress-related issues
  • Rolled ankles
  • Problem Hamstrings
  • Hip and pelvic pain
  • Cold and flu relief
  • Headaches
  • Sinus and lymphatic drainage to assist with allergies
  • Hormonal and Menstrual Issues


Download your course demo pdf here


The extensive benefits of this IBT course are outlined below:


  • The knowledge base and skill set obtained will enable the student to practice Integrated Bowen Therapy to a higher degree of competence and skill.
  • Students will obtain a more comprehensive and professional level of competency in the Integrated Bowen Therapy techniques.
  • Students will be able to treat and provide prevention methods to more severe and chronic health issues with Integrated Bowen Therapy
  • Group workshops and ‘one on one’ training is digitally recorded to allow students to watch and review presentation and workshop footage.
  • Education reading materials are immediately downloadable for IBT students.
  • Reference artwork for Chinese Meridians, Trigger Point Therapy and Anatomy Trains are provided to assist students with more comprehensive level of understanding.

Learning Options

Option 1 – Education Resources

This is our most affordable course option and is designed for students who want access to IBT’s education materials and want to learn at their own pace and don’t require a specific qualification. This will allow students to use their learning to treat family members, friends etc.

Key points;

  • Access to educational materials in the IBT student portal
  • No assessment is conducted
  • No official qualification will be obtained
  • Pay by monthly subscription or 1 off lifetime access payment




Option 2 – Online Qualification

This course is designed for students who want access to IBT’s education materials to allow them to gain knowledge at their own pace, but also require assessment and some ‘face time’ with the IBT teacher.

Key Points:

  • Lifetime access to education materials in the IBT student portal
  • Theoretical assessment performed online in the IBT student portal
  • Physical assessment is performed via 3 x ‘private’ Skype sessions with the IBT teacher
  • IBT Practitioner Qualification obtained
  • $4800.00USD set fee




Mark and Iris

Incredible results with minimum effort.

We recently completed the Bowen Therapy Diploma with Bronson. And what a joy that was. Bronson is an enthusiastic, knowledgeable teacher and the course flowed effortlessly.

The course information through the online portal provided before was well presented and very user friendly. It was great to arrive at the course with some idea about what we were going to do …for us this meant more time to practice the technique, with Bronson able to correct us and give us feedback. All demonstrations that Bronson did at the course were videoed and this has been a very useful reminder tool.

Since doing the course the Bowen Therapy has become a regular part of our body therapy treatment - incredible results with minimum effort. As body therapists we are always looking for ways to minimize the impact on our bodies and still get good results.

We would highly recommend this course and look forward to doing further study with Bronson.

Mark and Iris Wainer, The Body Therapy Clinic
Completed Integrated Bowen Therapy Diploma Course