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Online Bowen Therapy Training & Courses


Learn Bowen Therapy Online with confidence


Integrated Bowen Therapy (IBT) offers online Bowen Therapy training for anyone who wants to learn Bowen Technique or is interested in learning how to relieve the aches and pains of the body. Our training portal gives you the opportunity to learn Bowen Therapy at your own pace and in your own time.

Who is our course suited for?

Our courses can suit anyone! From those of you who are completely new to Bowen, those of you who already know the Technique and want to learn another spin in it, and everyone in between.

What do you get?

Once you have enrolled and paid your IBT course fees, you’ll be provided with login details to access your own student hub within the training portal. Here you’ll find access to all the IBT information, tutorials, videos required to complete either the certificate or diploma course, depending on the IBT course you’ve chosen.

IBT Information is provided to you in a clear and concise way which we believe is easiest and most logical way to learn, however, you are entitled to work in the way that best suits you and the way that you prefer to study. We highly recommended that you practice what you are learning as often as you can - in our experience it’s not difficult to entice family or friends to receive free Bowen treatments!

Online Study WITH Assessment (via Skype)


Integrated Bowen Therapy is proud to offer online Bowen Training via Skype and our online course portal. It has been our most popular choice for the last 4 years. Due to its demand and success, it has revolutionized the way we deliver our approach to Bowen Therapy. Tom Bowen passed on this Technique by allowing people to watch him. He did not teach courses or give booklets and diagrams with details on how to do the moves. So what we make available is much more than enough to become very successful with Bowen Therapy Treatments. Many of our students get blown away by how fast they experience great results.

Our prices and options!


Those students who wish to learn Bowen Therapy for personal use and do not need a qualification are able to complete our IBT courses at a reduced cost to have access to the educational resources we provide. This option is also beneficial for Australian Practitioners seeking CPE’s.

Due to the fact that Bowen Techniques are very similar in the way they are applied across the variety if training facilities available, our online videos are a great resource for existing practitioners who need a refresher. For those of you who want to learn how to apply a treatment without being restricted by the 2 minutes wait time, we can assist you with that too.

For those students wishing to obtain a professional and insurable qualification, we have IBT course packages available that include the assessment process. This means that your course includes our dedicated time to provide your one-on-one Skype sessions in order to assess you.

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