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IBT Bowen Therapy Workshops

Our IBT Bowen Therapy group workshop training option provides a fantastic opportunity for those who are most comfortable learning in a classroom type situation, learning from others and sharing questions, insights, and knowledge. Every day includes demonstrations and discussion, enabling you to ask questions that may arise, as well as Bowen hands-on practice on each other – so you’ll develop your techniques even further by practicing on many of your fellow students all learning in the course together.

Bowen Therapy Group Workshop

Both the IBT certificate course and diploma course include an abundance of extra learning and support material and have no pre-requisites. We have trained medical doctors, Osteopaths, physiotherapists and many other professionals in IBT Bowen Therapy through our group workshops, so our courses are equally beneficial for existing health professionals as well as beginners to complimentary health practice.  Both courses provide a wonderful opportunity for all students to benefit universally from one anothers’ previous experience.

What is included?

  • Full access to online portal for the IBT certificate or diploma course on enrolment
  • Video is taken of the course is provided to you at the end of the course free of charge (own hard drive must be provided)
  • Bowen Qualification received on completion of all course requirements
  • Hands on demonstrations and guidance of all of the moves and procedures taught in the online portal

On enrolment of in any of our courses, students automatically get access to the online portal so you can start your learning straight away. With either the IBT certificate or diploma course, students are advised to be comfortable with 80% of the procedures before coming to class. Our courses have been designed in a way to fast track the learning of Bowen Therapy so you can experience the results of Bowen Therapy very quickly. The online portal and videos has proven to be a very effective way to teach Bowen Therapy and the most successful and confident practitioners we qualify are those who do the most work before the in class time.

Students seeking Bowen Therapy qualifications with us are required to complete a course workbook, practical hours and cast studies. People often ask how long it takes to complete the course and this can is hard to answer as it varies from one to the other. The Certificate Course can comfortably be completed in 2-3 months if a student can put aside 5 hours a week. The Diploma course can be done in 4-6 months with the same time input.

For a comprehensive overview of the IBT Certificate and Diploma course content and costing, you can visit the relevant links below:

Bowen Therapy Group Workshop Course Dates and Availability

For dates and availability of our group workshop courses, please visit our Course Calendar page. Alternatively if you would like to arrange a private workshop course with a group of people you know, work colleagues, the entire staff of a healing clinic, etc, please contact us directly to arrange a suitable time.

Bowen Therapy Course