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Book A Bowen Treatment

If you are a potential student looking to experience Bowen Therapy yourself before enrolling or simply wish to experience the wonders of Bowen Therapy as a client, we are here to help! Whether you are experiencing physical aches and pains, struggling with emotional issues, or simply wish to rebalance your body in a relaxing and grounding environment, rest assured we are most definitely able to help!

Our highly skilled and vastly experienced teachers also treat clients in their own private clinics in the northern beaches of Sydney and in Melbourne. We also practice other healing modalities including Hoffman Massage, Energetic Healing, Cupping, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, and Thai Massage Techniques just to name a few.

To learn more or to book a treatment with us please visit our Integral Body Therapies website. There you will find more information about our treatments, our locations, and how to contact us for private sessions.