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Hey Bronson!!

I just needed to say a big THANK YOU!!! Even these two words cannot describe truly how thankful I am.

Like I said to you before, the last few years I have felt totally lost and had no idea what direction my life was going. I always knew Bowen was something I believed in and was extremely passionate about. But was always unlucky in being able to get into a class 4 hours away in Adelaide. So many doors were slamming in my face. This has never happened to me before. But I now understand when people say when one door closes something better is waiting for you and God had a better plan for me.

I still don't know where this new path is heading. But I feel happier and I have found a great purpose in my life.

So thank you again for putting in the hard work and making this course available. Thanks for being a great mentor. Thanks for inspiring me and giving me hope. Every time I spoke to you I found you inspiring and you always helped me get back on track. And always alleviated and doubts or fears I had about myself and what I was doing.

After our last session, you dissolved away a lot of my fears and doubts about moving forward. I feel more ready now. I know 100 percent I believe in the Bowen technique you have taught me.

And again you will never know truly how Thankful I am.

I loved this course and I love Bowen

Marija Dujmovic- Homes

God Bless you and your family. You are amazing!!!


I’ve never felt more empowered!!

Since Bronson helped me through in achieving my qualifications in IBT, my bodywork techniques have become more specialised and much more effective covering a wider array of specific health conditions for my ever growing number of clients.

New people are being referred to me constantly because with my new IBT knowledge, I’m getting great results! I’ve never felt more empowered as a bodywork practitioner and find that I’m helping clients where Chiro’s, Physio's, Myo’s and your standard Remedial Therapists couldn’t…

Thanks Bronson, you and IBT have completely changed my practice!

Steve McNamara
Remedial Therapist and recently qualified IBT Practitioner.


I became attracted to Bowen Therapy because of the relaxation that I felt within my muscles, relieving tension within my entire body, particularly in my lower back, where I previously had an injury.

Learning Bowen Therapy through Integrated Bowen Therapy was an amazing experience. The ‘one on one’ training, with the online material, really worked well for me as I could learn at my own pace. Then the teachers pure focus made helped me advance through the training really quickly.

I now incorporate yoga and Bowen together through out my yoga class as well as offering it as a separate service. I find that when I apply Bowen Therapy during a restorative poses and at the end of the class whilst talking through Savasana, it helps deepen the relaxation and further the healing.

Applying Bowen Therapy is also very therapeutic on the practitioner in a similar way to teaching Yoga Asanas.  Helping people in this stressful environment we live in today is a really nice feeling. If you are a Yoga Asana teacher I would highly recommend learning Bowen Therapy and incorporating it into your classes.  Your students will love it.

Darlene Fletcher

Mark and Iris

Incredible results with minimum effort.

We recently completed the Bowen Therapy Diploma with Bronson. And what a joy that was. Bronson is an enthusiastic, knowledgeable teacher and the course flowed effortlessly.

The course information through the online portal provided before was well presented and very user friendly. It was great to arrive at the course with some idea about what we were going to do …for us this meant more time to practice the technique, with Bronson able to correct us and give us feedback. All demonstrations that Bronson did at the course were videoed and this has been a very useful reminder tool.

Since doing the course the Bowen Therapy has become a regular part of our body therapy treatment - incredible results with minimum effort. As body therapists we are always looking for ways to minimize the impact on our bodies and still get good results.

We would highly recommend this course and look forward to doing further study with Bronson.

Mark and Iris Wainer, The Body Therapy Clinic
Completed Integrated Bowen Therapy Diploma Course

Peter Hughes

Integrated Bowen Therapy’s courses has not only given me the skills to help people heal, but help people to realize just how healthy they can feel when adding Bowen Therapy treatments to their lives. To be able to be part of that transformation is truly joyous. A huge thanks Bronson.

Peter Hughes

I've started up a Saturday clinic using the rooms of a general practitioner, and it's going really well. It's very helpful to be incorporating Bowen into the work I'm doing - definitely ads huge value. MD. New Zealand.

This student has had to remain anonymous for the following reason:
“Yes, happy for you to quote my words, but would need to be anonymous sorry, as the medical community here would look down on me doing Bowen Therapy.

I've had lover back issues for many years but I have recently developed intense pain in the left side of my neck and shoulder. I'm presuming it's from computer work and constantly lifting a 2 year old up and down all the time and sitting her on my hip.

I had not heard of Bowen Therapy but when Brittany moved into the office next door it seemed like a sign. The treatment is very gentle and soothing; I was surprised how relaxed I would feel in the middle of the day. As well as the benefits to my physicality, Brittany's encouragement to drink more water certainly helped with my digestive system; I would suggest it was a combination of water and the treatment that eased all my signs of IBS. My body often felt elongated and quite regal after a treatment and my mind was certainly more settled.

I would thoroughly recommend Brittany and Bowen treatment as a gentle approach to aches, pains and beyond."

Celine Ross
Client of Integrated Bowen Therapy

It is with great pleasure that I write this testimonial for Bronson. Last month I enrolled to do the Integrated Bowen Therapy course with Australian School of Body Therapies. From my first phone call to enquire about the course I felt talking to Bronson was very interesting, informative, and nurturing. He was so eager to share with me as much knowledge as he could to help me understand what Australian School of Body Therapy could teach me about how to help others.

I enrolled to do the diploma of Bowen Therapy and because of my busy schedule Bronson changed his timetable to allow me to pack this course into two twelve hour days instead of running it over three days. The fact that I had been studying in Remedial massage allowed us to discuss much about massage techniques and the combination of these techniques along with Bowen Therapy. To our amazement we completed the Bowen within 18 hours so Bronson used the rest of the time to teach some of his skills in Hoffman Massage.

During my time with Bronson I learned that he had something special with his ability to connect with people with his massaging techniques. The amazing part of Bronson's way of teaching that I am mostly impressed with is he doesn't hold back any information. I am passionate about this journey of "health for body and mind" and I am very appreciative to have discovered Australian School of Body Therapies to take me as far I need to go in assisting others in their journey of wellness. Thank you Bronson for ALL you give.

Warm regards

Sue Morris
Completed Integrated Bowen Therapy Course

My son had a nasty rugby accident, not his first but definitely the worst so far, which really frightened us to the core! He is only 11 years old, but already had quite a few knocks to the head (concussion) and recurring whiplash - amongst other ailments such as bruised ribs and sprained muscles. After too many headaches and not enough appropriate action from traditional doctors (he couldn't continue to live on medication), I decided to research alternative methods of healing and stumbled upon Brittany in Newport. We discussed the injuries and I asked her if she thought she could help. She suggested Bowen Therapy and after only two intensive sessions my son was already feeling the results. He is already back at karate and can now also start fitness classes to regain his strength and hopefully return to the rugby field in the not too distant future.

Brittany managed to manipulate the body enough to get it to almost heal itself and the therapy is totally non-intrusive! Within the first session, she managed to do what no other person has done before and that is connect with a very shy and anxious young man (we only moved to Australia 6 months ago!). His rugby injuries are healed and I am confident that a few more sessions will eliminate the anxiety and shyness too!

Thank you Brittany! Your patience and expertise makes you a miracle worker!

Beverley Harrison
Mother of Ben Harrison (11 years old), client of Integrated Bowen Therapy