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Why learn the Bowen Technique from Integrated Bowen Therapy?

The main reason we are so different from the vast majority of other Bowen Therapy teachers comes back to the 'two minute wait time' theory. Other Bowen Therapy schools teach you that you should halt treatment after a short series of moves and wait for around two minutes while the body adjusts to the effects of what you have just done. We have found, however, in our patient clinics that this can agitate clients leaving them wondering why you just left the room or why you keep stopping the treatment that they are spending good money and valuable time on, instead of really relaxing them in order for their body to heal in the best way possible. As a result we teach you how and why the wait time theory can be effective, however we also teach you ways of still treating other areas of the body whilst leaving areas you have just worked on to respond properly. This leaves your clients relaxed, enables them to properly switch off their mind, and instils more confidence in you as a therapist. It also allows you to get more done for them in a shorter amount of time which is beneficial both for you in your working time restrictions, and for your clients in their busy lifestyles.

As far as we are aware we are the only school offering you the opportunity to learn Bowen Therapy to a high standard from anywhere at any time via the internet. We also offer hands on, face to face classes in conjunction with the internet if you want that extra experience and hands on practice. If however you choose to learn only online, it is even more cost effective because we don’t incur any fees for hiring facilities, accommodation, equipment rentals, catering etc. This means you pay very reasonable fees with no travel or accommodation costs and you can learn in your own time. It has the added advantage of you being able to review the procedures as often as you like at no extra cost - and this applies no matter which training method you choose. We cater for all levels of interest – you decide what and how much you want to learn because our Bowen information is supported by lots of other material related to the healing and recovery processes of many common ailments. Essentially we teach Bowen as part of a holistic approach to treating the whole body from many perspectives and modalities.

If you are anything like us you want the best quality Bowen Therapy training available, at an affordable cost, and via a variety of methods whereby you can choose the most appropriate learning method for you. It is for these reasons that we have developed our school to suit YOU, our student, and make you the best you can be. We place a very high value on producing the best therapists possible with the most in-depth understanding of information and care for their clients – after all our reputation is always at stake when our students begin treating their own clients – so our focus on getting you to the highest level of practice in a convenient method for you is the most important factor for us. Bowen Therapy YOUR way. Need we say more?

What we offer the newcomer to Bowen Therapy?

Our course notes, videos, resources, and all training facilities are laid out in an easy to use manner with video footage and detailed diagrams to support your full understanding of Bowen Therapy. Don't study a course that leaves you confused, full of questions, and frustrated at the very thing you were excited to introduce to your life. We make it easy for you to study with us no matter how you choose to do it, with access to your material 24/7 and direct personalised support always on call should you need it.

What we offer the experienced Bowen Therapist?

We offer you the opportunity to learn new moves and complex procedures, and to refresh the ones you do know through video clips, diagrams, and other detailed information available at your fingertips 24/7. You can also view real life case studies and live demonstrations that can help or give you new ideas in treating your own clients' problems. With us you will also learn OTHER healing modalities that perfectly complement Bowen Therapy and how to use them, bringing a new outlook and element to your practice. As we have found in our own practices; learning never stops!

What is the difference between doing the certificate course and the diploma course?

Our Integrated Bowen Therapy Certificate Course gives an overall treatment method for the whole body, enabling the student to treat around 80% of ailments that clients present with. We teach you the Basic Bowen Body Balance to alleviate a huge variety of issues in all different parts of the body, as well as teaching you range of movement tests to assess your clients and the post-treatment affects, how to develop a treatment plan, what to look for and how to locate tension using touch and your intuition to really get to know the body instead of just listening to what clients think is wrong with them - which is actually often NOT where the source of the issue is. Our certificate course also teaches you about Bowen Therapy itself, its originations, and the necessary health and patient care rules and regulations such as draping, how to help your clients on and off the table to avoid injury, advice to give post treatment, guidelines for ethical practice, and so on. Essentially the certificate course is a very in depth and practical overview of how to be an excellent therapist, how to administer Bowen Therapy in the best way possible for you, and how to relieve the bulk of aches and pains that you will encounter.

Our Integrated Bowen Therapy Diploma builds on the material taught in the certificate course in that it goes into much more depth of how to treat very specific, and much more complex, issues that arise in the body. Whereas the certificate course is focused more on the treatment as a whole, the diploma course is focused on how to pinpoint exactly where an issue may be coming from and teaches you extremely powerful Bowen procedures to alleviate these issues with minimal work or manipulation to the body. These moves and procedures have proven to be extremely powerful and effective on a very broad range of clients. For example at the beginning of his journey through the world of Bowen Therapy, Rob experienced using the Asthma procedure on a young child with severe daily respiratory issues after which the child has still not to this day encountered any further Asthma concerns. One Bowen move remarkably changed this child's life from needing oxygen tanks and puffers every day to being able to run around unassisted. It is procedures like this that we teach you in the Diploma course once you have a thorough understanding of Bowen itself and the basic moves, as taught in the certificate course.

Can I legally work as a therapist after the course?

Yes of course. After completing any of our courses and receiving a physical stamped certificate/diploma from us you will be a qualified therapist, enabling you to commence work straight away.

Can I get insured as a practicing therapist after the course?

With either our Certificate or Diploma course, if you have paid for and completed the assessment package of the courses you will be assessed by us and receive your qualification once everything has been completed to a satisfactory standard.

Being a qualified therapist means that you can commence work straight away, which means that you can be insured to commence work straight away. All you need to do is to register with an insurance company and pay for their annual insurance premium depending on the course you have completed and the level of cover you wish to obtain. We would highly recommend becoming insured as soon as you intend to commence practicing as a therapist in order to protect both yourself and your clients. You do not NEED insurance to work, but it is of great benefit in case anything unforeseen happens on your premises.

Students from Australia

International Institute of Complimentary Therapies (IICT) will cover you to work all over the world except for in the USA and Canada - though these limitations may be lifted in the near future. IICT also offer therapist membership privileges to those who sign up with them. Their website is  Alternatively IH Group also offer insurance to Australian graduates. Their website is You may wish to contact both insurers in order to ascertain which is a better and / or cheaper option for you.

Students from New Zealand

International Institute of Complimentary Therapies (IICT) will cover you to work all over the world except for in the USA and Canada - though these limitations may be lifted in the near future. IICT also offer therapist membership privileges to those who sign up with them. Their website is

Students from UK

International Institute of Complimentary Therapies (IICT) will cover you to work all over the world except for in the USA and Canada - though these limitations may be lifted in the near future. IICT also offer therapist membership privileges to those who sign up with them. Their website is

Students from USA and Canada

International Institute of Complimentary Therapies (IICT) provide insurance options for students from Canada and the USA. IICT also offer therapist membership privileges to those who sign up with them. Their website is

An alternative for Canadian students is Canadian Yoga Alliance. They provide cover to practice anywhere within Canada. Their website is

UK an Europe

International Institute of Complimentary Therapies (IICT) provide insurance options for over 21 countries in Europe and the UK. IICT also offer therapist membership privileges to those who sign up with them. Their website is

How can I possibly become qualified and competent in Bowen Therapy with such short courses?

We don’t believe that we need to cover hours upon hours of theory material in the classroom in order to ensure that you can be a successful Bowen therapist. An in depth knowledge of Human Anatomy, Law, Occupational Health and safety, etc, can be a wonderful thing, however it is not the most important thing in being a successful therapist. The most important thing in our courses is that you learn the best possible techniques for you and learn how to ‘feel’ the body, how to locate tension, issues, and blockages in the body and how to successfully alleviate them. All the textbook knowledge in the world won’t help you learn how to ‘feel’ tension in the body. That comes with touch, which is what our courses are focused on.

We do feel that theory material is important but don’t agree with the requirements of how it should be delivered by governing bodies these days. Nor do we believe that it is the best way to become a great Bowen therapist. The way in which we teach is unlike most other schools who are conforming to Government bodies whose interest in these courses is Bureaucratic and unfortunately not aimed at healing. The focus of our courses is learning how to heal - pure and simple.

In our learning process we provide you with very comprehensive and in depth course notes and videos that we expect you to read and watch before starting the course. This way class time can be much more hands-on than is typical in most schools and, like anything, it is not the amount of time spent learning or doing something but the ability to do it successfully. Practice does make perfect, but we try to teach you to work smarter, not harder, so as to make your practice that much more perfect and beneficial. Just because some people have completed a two-year course at a large school does not make them good therapists.

For those students doing our online courses (and do not have physical class time), our online resources are extremely extensive and easy to understand so that you are able in your own time to continually learn and practice on people you know in order to develop your skills. If you choose to go through our assessment process to gain a qualification, we ensure that your treatments are of an extremely high standard before awarding you with the ability to work on your own clients.

Our courses cover a lot of information in a short period of time to ensure that you do not leave without being capable of beginning your own business immediately - after all it would reflect very poorly on our school if our students were not fantastic therapists upon completion of our courses!

Is this a recognised course and, if so, is it only National or International as well?

Yes our school is recognised by the International Institute of Complimentary therapies and through them we are able to bring Bowen Therapy qualifications to Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA, UK and 21 counties in Europe.

Can I obtain a provider Number upon completing a course with you?

No, however we have found for ourselves as therapists and for our practicing students that not being able to give health fund rebates is very rarely an issue. Those clients that really want to maintain their health will come to you whether they can claim the treatment back or not if you are good enough (which you will be!). We have been practicing and treating clients for many years and our clients always come back; many have even come back every single week for years as they feel the health benefits from our treatment methods alleviate the need for medicines, hospitals, reduce likelihood of injury, etc, which are all far more expensive over time than maintaining their body’s health through regular treatment, with or without a rebate.

Bronson Bertschinger, the founder of the school, does not have a health fund claim number yet has been booked for 1-3 months in advance for the last 3 years. Saving your clients $20 is not what we are here to do. We are here to help you to try and change their lives so that their extra $20 goes far further towards reducing their health-related costs in the long run. People may choose to go to another therapist who CAN offer them a $20 rebate, however if they are not getting a comprehensive and effective health-promoting treatment then what is the point in saving the money? In such cases they are effectively wasting the whole cost of the treatment, rebated or not, if it does not benefit their health. How you get this across to your potential clients is up to you.

What is included in the course costs? Are there any additional costs on top of the fees?

No there are no additional costs as we include everything you need in the one course fee. This includes course notes, video demonstrations, various video case studies that show a range of common and uncommon issues resolved through regular treatment, and ongoing contact with your teacher if you ever require assistance in future or have any questions that arise as you commence your own practice and have your own clients. Additionally, depending on the method of learning you choose (and the course fee applicable to that learning method), you will get extensive one-on-one time with your teacher, opportunities to practice on others in a group class situation, and/or the opportunity to complete our distant assessment process to obtain your official qualification. We do have various wall charts available for purchase that make a great and professional addition to any treatment room, however they are not a requirement to the course.

If I am a slow learner how will I get as much out of the course as a fast learner might?

Part of the reason we give you such detailed and easy to read course notes, as well as video demonstrations and practice videos, is because of this. We understand that everyone takes in different things at different rates and there is nothing wrong with that. The way our course is structured allows you plenty of time to ask questions of your teachers and to get the hands-on practice you need to become a great practitioner. This ‘intensive’ form of training really drills into you what we are teaching. The notes and videos that you take with you during / after the course allow you to go over information and refresh techniques as often as you wish at your own pace. And, given you will have already practiced all these things hands-on during class hours over and over again, they will come back to you much better than if you read and reread and reread a textbook without 'getting your hands dirty' so to speak.

Are there any exams or assessments to be completed at the end of the course?

Instead of an exam students are required to do practical Bowen treatments at home. We do not feel the necessity of putting a student in a stressful and nervous ‘exam’ type situation at the end of our courses. Having a student in this mind set effectively ruins what we are trying to instil in you as a confident, intuitive, and comfortable therapist that isn’t too caught up in their mind. Instead, our ‘assessment’ is completed in a low pressure manor whereby you will complete a written workbook, and then video yourself performing a treatment which is then sent to us for constructive criticism and assessment. We may ask you to complete another treatment video if we feel your practice needs more work, however we will never fail you or deny you the opportunity to become qualified - simply suggest that more practice would benefit your own work.

During the course you should be practicing lots and lots so, by the end, it is very easy to see whether or not you would be a competent practitioner without needing to gruel you in an exam. Health and safety guidelines, hygiene, contraindications and other crucially important ‘official’ information will be covered in depth at the beginning of the course in order to ensure your understanding and recognition of their importance.

Whether you are completing the online training from a distance, coming to one-on-one training, or attending a group course, the assessment process is the same. After you have completed the course material, hands-on practice, and in-person time (if this applies to you and your course), every student is required to complete the homework, complete the assessment workbook, and complete a treatment video to be sent to us. Once all of this is completed to high standard you will be awarded with your qualification and sent your official certificate / diploma. Our aim through all of this is to get you to be the best practitioner you can possibly be for your sake and the sake of your future patients, so we encourage you to welcome criticism and learn from it - from us and also from those that you practice on.

We have encountered a few cases where students are so competent and natural in their treatments that no further practice is necessary after their in-person time and they can be awarded their qualification on the spot, however this is quite rare as we all have different learning speeds and natural abilities. The time it takes you to become qualified is irrelevant - the care with which you treat your clients (be they people you know or as a job) and the dedication you have towards your work and really making a difference in peoples lives is more important than anything else in this line of work. If you really care and are truly motivated to alleviate issues that you encounter, this will shine through in your practice and you will no doubt become a natural in your work in your own time.

Are there any requirements or pre-requisites to your courses?

No. We have had students of all different ages, backgrounds, and qualifications. What you have done in your life prior to coming to our course is unimportant. What you choose to do with this information is reliant simply on your intuition and understanding of what we teach you; not where you have come from prior to this.

Will I be able to keep in touch with your school to update or refresh my knowledge and practice even after having completed the course?

Yes, absolutely. After all, we are in the business of helping people and we really do love what we do. If there is any way that we can help you to be a better practitioner in order to better help people that come to you then we are more than happy to help! We also appreciate that you have taken lots of time and money to learn with us and we like to ensure that you are getting as much out of your learning experience as possible.

What payment methods are available for your courses? Is there a deposit required, instalments, etc?

When you initially book in for our course a deposit must be paid in order to secure your dates if you are doing an in-person course, or online fees must be paid in advance. The amount is dependent on what course you are doing and what learning method you are adopting. As far as the remainder of the course fee is concerned for in-person students you can pay with cash, cheque, credit card, bank transfer, paypal, etc… If you require a payment plan or a different method of payment please feel free to discuss it with us – we are happy to try and suit each students individual needs where possible.

Are your in-person courses done in a group class situation or one-on-one?

Our in-person courses are mostly one-on-one these days. We have found over our history of doing both group and individual courses that the most effective way to learn is in an individual situation. Everyone’s learning abilities are different and this way we are able to cater to your needs and speed specifically. Additionally, we know from experience that everyone’s interests within the broad umbrella of Bowen Therapy differ greatly, and some people will also have prior training or experience and want to meld that into their Bowen Therapy learning. One-on-one courses enable us to focus on what interests YOU at your own pace. It also means that everyday consists of you practicing rather than waiting in turn as a group, as well as receiving treatments everyday yourself to be able to experience what it is that we are teaching you – which we think is a bit of a bonus ☺