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About Integrated Bowen Therapy (IBT)

 20 Years in the making!


Integrated Bowen Therapy (IBT) is an interpretation of Tom Bowen’s Therapy and has been 20+ years in the making. The aim of Integrated Bowen Therapy is to restore the integrity of the muscular, fascial, neural, skeletal and energetic systems of the body to remove pain and increase physical and mental well-being. Our Integrated Bowen Therapy training combines in-depth Bowen Therapy procedures in conjunction with elements of other schools of thought. We teach you how to use Bowen Therapy with and without the "2 minute wait time" for highly effective results in a huge array of different individual circumstances.

All Bowen being taught today is interpretation of Tom Bowen’s work. We have been influenced by a number of styles of Bowen Therapy and also other schools of thought such as Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic Medicine. We know Tom Bowen liked to talk to Acupuncturists, so we have added information to our courses about the Chinese Meridians and their influence on the body.

As there is no scientific evidence to prove how Bowen Therapy affects the body and removes pain, it is hard to have a give a definitive answer on how Bowen Therapy works. Because of this fact we give students the facilities to learn how Bowen Therapy can have such miraculous results instead us saying it works like “this”. Some people teach that it is working a muscular and fascial level. Others teach that it works structurally, aligning joints and balancing the nervous system, while others teach that it works on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine by affecting the flow of Chi in the body. These are all valid so we give you information that supports them, to can have a more comprehensive understanding of Bowen Therapy and healing.



Integrated Bowen Therapy's Goal


Our aim at Integrated Bowen Therapy is to teach Bowen Therapy in a way which enables you to continually develop the techniques and procedures of Bowen Therapy, instead of only doing them only one way. We must remember Tom Bowen developed his work intuitively without any proof of a formal education. We know that he was observed at a particular point in the development of his work. It would be a far stretch to say that if Tom was alive that he would be working exactly the same thing as he did nearly 40 years ago.

We currently offer 2 levels of training being the IBT Certificate Course and the IBT Diploma Course. With a number of different options available to complete these courses, students all over the world with different life, time, and financial commitments are able to tailor a study plan that works for them. Training options include online Bowen Therapy training, one-on-one training, and group workshops. For more information or to see a comparison table of all of our courses and which options may best suit you, please see our Bowen Therapy Training Options page.


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